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Treasured Grace

Today I finished a book called Treasured Grace by Tracie Peterson this was a wonderful read it is a tale about a Woman who is a widow named Grace. Her husband died on the trail and she promises herself that she will not enter another marriage without love in it. This historical fiction takes you through 19th century America and how towns were beginning to exist. It shows how there was conflict with the Indians. This book portrays forgiveness and healing because Grace’s sisters Hope and Mercy both had to deal with PTSD after the Indians attacked. They also had to learn how to forgive other people.

Tracie Peterson did a great job writing this book. It flowed very nicely. She portrayed the events of what the early settlers went through. Showed that people had to learn to get along with other people. She added forgiveness and Mercy to the book. She also developed a nice romance between Grace and Alex she let their love grow slowly. She kept you wondering what was going to happen next in the book such as Are Alex and Grace going to get together or will it be Niger and Grace? She portrayed very well what happened in 19th century to single women. They would marry out of desperation because society back then said women couldn’t be alone. Loved how she showed how both sisters dealt with the trauma they both had been through.

We see that Mercy deals with it by claming up at first because the pain is too much to deal with, but Grace is so patient with her by acknowledging the pain she is going and later on she finally tells Grace what happened at the mission after Grace left them both. She apologizes to her sister again for not insisting they go with her to visit her friend. Hope is having a very difficult time dealing with it because she was raped and she had thought of murdering it until a kind woman suggests she give the baby to her and her husband because they had tried to have a baby, but it died. So, Hope gives the baby to them to raise as their own. She discovers how precious life really is.

To find out what happens to Grace and Alex you have to read the book for yourself to discover that answer for yourself. I received this book in exchange for my honest review I was not paid by the publisher to read this.

A Letter to Trump

I’ve been following your campaign and I’m not impressed because first of all, you say things such as Mexicans rape people and commit crimes, but that is not true anybody could commit crimes no matter the color of your skin. Also you are saying about deporting Mexicans back to Mexico I find this offensive because I am half Mexican and proud of it also my daughters are a quarter Mexican and they are proud of it. So this hateful speech you have is not right and I just can’t justify voting for you, but I won’t stop others because we were all born with freewill, but in no way Mr. Trump do you speak for me.

I’m also not happy with the way you talk about women for example, this locker room  talk is unacceptable to me because women should be respected and valued. I would not want any man to talk about my daughters in that way. I want them to respect themselves and not settle. You, my friend are a bully. 

I’m also not happy you are using evangelical voters to get your way because we are not prizes. We are all broken in our own ways. It is not my job to judge those who vote for you. As an evangelical that doesn’t mean you represent what a Christian is to me. Christians are not suppose to divide people. We are called to love others 

Finally, I am not happy how you make fun of people with disabilities because these people have unique talents. I wasn’t happy to hear you made fun of Marlee Matin she is a great person. So what that she is deaf, but what you are doing is not helping. 

Life Changing for All


There are not many books that have come around that I can say are truly fantastic, but this book Distinctly You by Cheryl Martian took the cake because there were topics in this book that I really needed to read and absorb. There were many quotes that I found great for example in Chapter 1 I found the quote “Whenever you let others define you and your essence, you block your progress to thriving in your own uniqueness.” She is saying that we should not let others define us because when we do we our blocking our growth to be ourselves. This book is something that everybody should read again and again for a refresher because she reminds us that we cannot compare our strengths and expectations as the baseline for our achievements in life.

There is just so much to discuss about how wonderful this book is it is a must read because the way she writes this book is wonderful. I also love this quote from Chapter 4 “What we say is a powerful indicator of what we believe.” She also talks about in Chapter 4 “Is your thinking stinking?” “If so, it will block you from being distinct.” This Chapter talked about our small view of God.

She reminds us in Chapter 13 that we need to let God define us. Which is a great reminder that we shouldn’t let others define us this great question stood out to me “Are you ready and willing to discard your dreams and totally surrender to God’s blueprint for you? “Are you all in no matter the cost?” This is a great quote “Letting God define you means your view of yourself is based on how He sees you, not as others see you, and you accept His design.

Cheryl Martian also reminds us to do our best in the end she reminds us that we can only control ourselves and to mind our own business. This is my honest review for Bethany House Publishers I was not compensated for my review.

Reflecting on Life

Tonight my boyfriend and I got to talking about our ages 10 years ago he was remembering when we were both young and he wishes we were young. I on the other hand remember that I was a broken 27 year old who didn’t know how to feel her emotions because I would hide the tears so that way nobody knew the pain that was hidden. I didn’t know the good Lord like I do now. Even though I was raised in a Christian household I went through the motions of reading the Bible and doing everything that I was suppose to do. I tried to fit the molds of being a Christian and being in society let’s say I battled this one out for a longtime because I wanted to be accepted by both Christians and the world.  I can say there were times as a teenager I didn’t understand my emotions. I look back at my life and think I am glad that I have changed in the last ten years because I have started to feel much more comfortable in my skin I have a deeper relationship with the Lord. No, that does not mean I am perfect just means that I can be happy in who I am as a person and who God called me to be.

I also look back and think wow in my 30s and have an Associates degree and going for a Bachelor’s degree in Communications. I also am blessed that the Lord provided me with an opportunity to get on my University’s newspaper because I can say I never imagined that this type of opportunity would come along. I must say my 20s weren’t my best years because in that time I was growing and still discovering who I was now I am confident in who I am and I know who holds my future which the Lord holds my future and knows the plans for my life.

Friends don’t live your life with regrets and take some chances in your life and see where it pans out. Your life is not over you can always start again. Don’t settle for where you are at if you are not happy where your life is going then do what you can to change it. Of course there are always some bumps in the road, but what I have found that helps me is to read scripture verses on the topic that I need to work on and listen to Christian music I won’t say that if you become a Christian your life will be easy because it is not an easy road to travel on because you will have trials that will come up in your life, but with the Lord’s help you will come out all right. I share my testimony because I was once a broken, and insecure. Now, I am confident in who I am because the Lord helps me get through those hard days and having the Lord in my life I don’t have to feel pressured to fit into anybody’s mold. I can still be my wacky, and fun self and not care if I fit in with anybody. I have accepted I am not everybody’s cup of tea, and that is okay because God created us to be different he did not create us to be like anybody else. He created us to be ourselves and accept ourselves for who we are.


9 Thoughts that Can Change Your Marriage


Today I am going to review 9 Thoughts That Can Change Your Marriage by Sheila Wray Gregoire is a wonderful book she gives real answers instead of the general pat answers that tend to repeat themselves and tend to sound so callous. She gives practical action steps on how to better your marriage with your spouse. There are 9 thoughts in there anybody can relate to. I won’t cover all 9 thoughts because I want you to read the book for yourself and see what you think.

Thought number 3 is great when she tells you action steps to resolve conflict. I loved her action step number 2 that when we share our frustrations with our husband, be clear on what you want to get out of the conversation: Should he listen, fix it, or help you fix it? Also in step 4 she suggested to take a personality inventory and a strengths inventory to figure out who you are. Let yourself off the hook for your weaknesses. Work more in your areas of strength.

Thought 7 Being One is More Important Than Being Right stuck out for me because I tend to always want to be right and have my own way. I loved how she said “The most effective way of seeing your husband as an ally is to stop and pray and ask God to help both of you see clearly. That is a great statement because as women we tend to let our emotions get the best of us and when we pray about it to God he helps us to keep our emotions in check. I also like how she said “Ask yourself, “What do I need in this situation right now?” When you find the answer, you’ve named your issue–your unmet need–and that means you can start problem solving.

I would recommend this book to all people who are considering getting married and to those who are already married because this will help to strengthen your marriage with each other.

Disclaimer: I received this book from Blogging for books in exchange for my honest review.





When you feel age holds you back

Today for the life of David we looked at 1 Samuel 17:12-15 We are introduced to David’s family and what his birth order is in his family. David did not let being the youngest in his family stop him from going  Saul and back to Bethlehem to feed his father’s sheep. I don’t know about you, but I can admit it is hard to be the oldest among my siblings because I always feel the need to protect them. I’m sure this is what David’s brothers were thinking of how is this kid running from Saul back to home? I’m sure  they were protective of him, but David knew that God was with him and he did not let being the youngest in his family stop him from doing what God called him to do.

I know me being the oldest I tend to be more cautious and not want to step out of the box because I think I’m to old, but we see that David did not let that hold him back from what God was calling him to do. We know that he could have said “God, I’m to young to do what you want me to do.” He also could have been whining about tending to his father’s sheep, but instead he kept a positive attitude, and continued to tend his father’s sheep all while listening to what the Lord. Have any of you felt that your age held you back? How about you complain about the job you have? I know these can be tough questions to answer because there are times that I have let my age define me because I always don’t think I am as powerful as though who are my elders. I tend to think gee I can’t speak in front of my elders because what if they think What does she know because she is younger than us?

David we see trusted God with his whole heart. We need to remember that we should trust God with our whole heart and not let age define us. Also we need to be content with whatever job is in our life because the reality is we are doing it for the Lord doesn’t matter if you are working at Mcdonald’s just remember everything you do is for his name. I know that when we go through hard times we forget what God has called us to do. I need to remember in my life that even though I am going through a dry season that I need to be content and not let age define me. So today I will encourage you to not let your age define you also let us trust God with our whole heart.

WhenYou Feel You Don’t Measure UP

Well today started The Life of David Bible Study from Love God Greatly normally I would post my journaling, but this time I will write on it from my view. Okay here goes

Today we looked at 1 Samuel 16:1-12 these verses talk about how David was looked down on by his family and he was also looked down by Samuel, but God told Samuel not to look at the outward appearance, but to look at his heart. How many times have we as Christians looked at people’s outwards appearance? Are we quick to judge somebody on their looks? I know at times I have been guilty of judging somebody on their outward appearance instead of looking at what is in their heart. I believe as Christians we are all guilty of doing this at some point in our life.

Also we see how God used David to do great and powerful things with his life. I was reminded that even though I am going through a dry season of my life God has called me to do something great and powerful. God has called us all to do something great and powerful in our lives. What that looks like for you is up to the Lord. I am still trying to figure out what it is God has for me. I am trusting him with whatever it is in my life. I will not say that I don’t go through struggles because I do, but I will continue to trust the Lord to have my back. David trusted God with his life and he went on to become king of Israel. We also see that David was not Samuel’s first choice to be king, but he was God’s first choice because God saw David’s great potential.

Let us remember that we may not always be someone’s first choice, but we are always God’s first choice and he wants to do great and powerful lives. Also let us not be quick to look at the outward appearance of other people, but instead let’s look at their heart. 1 Samuel 16:7 But the Lord said to Samuel, “Do not consider how handsome or tall he is. I have not chosen him. I do not look at the things people look at. Man looks at how someone appears on the outside. But I look at what is in the heart.”