What a good day

Today I swam 22laps even though the teacher did not feel well she gave us a workout so I used fins and paddles on my hands some of the time.

Yesterday I had a meeting with my English teacher he said my paper the way it’s drafted he would give it a C+or a C. I just need to tighten the paper he said I have the solutions just needs to be tightened then it will be good to go.


Flipper or a seal

Well today the teacher was not feeling well so she had a workout sheet. So one was with fins and a paddle on the hands and one was just fins. I swam in the end 22laps yay me!!!

The week has begun

Yesterday had a 10 minute meeting with the teacher he said I have the solutions I just need to cite,summarize, author tag, and paraphrase he looked at the paper and said the rough draft I handed him he would have given me a C or a C+ so by revising it again I know that I can do better. Will post tonight how my swimming class went.

Relaxing Day

Today going to relax the brain so then that way it will be clear to finish this rough draft for English class tomorrow. It has been hard to write this paper because the solutions to solve the communities is not easy when people are apathetic.

A bad week

This has not been my best week if you have read the last three posts you will understand. Yesterday shut the phone was stressed over this rough draft watched movies and today got back on the horse to work on the rough draft for Monday the third one for the class though the reality it has been written four times going on five. If people say college isn’t rough then they are just good at covering up their frustration.

A New Day

Well yesterday I did not have English class because I have a conference with the teacher on Monday for 10 minutes to go over my third rough draft not really looking forward to this. I am not that good at English it scares me. I did have my math class which went well though I did my homework and I still struggle with story problems I just can’t wrap my head around why I don’t set those up very well. Today I am attempting to work on this rough draft again though I’m feeling pretty low now. I want to so desperately succeed and I just need to think positive and stop being so hard on myself.

Tiring Day

Well today I started my monthly which gosh threw me off besides that. I had swimming class, and she had us at the deep end which terrifies me, and she had us do the front crawl, but today at that end I was off because the deep end scares me. She ended up having me practice my kicks with flippers on ,and a kickboard both of them hurt my back in the end I swam 13 laps yay me!!