Crazy Weather and ramblings

Well hello to all my readers, the last few days have been tiring I am looking forward to spring break. Monday the teacher had family issue so I had no class which was good and bad. The bad part is that a rough draft is due today and today we have a quiz in class. The good part was there was no class on Monday. Yesterday I had swimming class not sure the exact laps I swam approximately 15 laps,but I am not sure because I went to the deep end where it is half of the yard of the 25 foot pool. Though I finally faced my fear of the deep end and did way better than I thought I was doing. Today there’s a snow/sleet thing going on here in Michigan which yuck,but I don’t want to miss school because I want someone to look over the rough draft and I really don’t want to makeup a math test in the testing center not a fan of that place,but if I have to I must do what I do not like to do. At least after today is Spring Break which will consist of cleaning the cupboards,doing laundry, crocheting, and reading a book. My Spring break will be fun to me because that is what I make it fun to me.


My mind is gone or maybe it wasn’t there to begin with

Today I was looking through some papers and the one paper I found was my second rough draft that I forgot to put in my folder. I also still need to finish reading my short story The Mark On The Wall by Virginia Wolf because it needs  annotated better so that way I do know what I am doing. This college student is ready for Spring Break which is the 5th of March. I need to regroup plus I need to work on the resume to find a job plus another 2nd draft will be due after Spring Break.  The life of a college student is not always fun because  there are times you have to take time out for family. So tonight will do some more reading on my short story and then do some relaxing and get up and finish my math since I have a math test Wednesday. Well today went to print something out and found out that not one cartridge needs replacing but two ink cartridges need replacing before the crazy printer will work which stinks because those manufacturers know how to suck you in to buy more of their product.

Fun Day

Well now I can finally relax no rough drafts due for a while until after Spring Break. Today the teacher assigned us to respond to a literature piece with a partner. Which the short story we chose was a piece by Virginia Woolf called The Mark On The Wall. So first we read it then we reread it again to analyze it and we have to do annotation of the piece. I also turned in the 2nd essay paper he assigned in class so will find out next week what grade I had on this paper. I need to relax getting up early in the morning to work on a rough draft really wears on the body so finally I can relax and get back to reading the book. Won’t give too many details away yet. Will keep you updated.

A dull entry

Well I know it’s been a few days,but it has been busy on Tuesday had swimming class I managed to swim 17 laps not bad going to strive for  22 laps next week. Yesterday I had an English rough draft due not too bad still have a little tweaks here to fix, but this time at least I know where I stand on this argumentative paper. I did have math class wasn’t too happy with my test it was a C- but the teacher said not to worry since it was the first test they were only silly mistakes I made I plan on learning from the mistakes and I will do better. I just worry about my grandma she is not doing good,but I know that she would want me to succeed, and I will focus on getting this paper done to make her proud. I am so close to finally getting an A in English not going to let it get away from me going to work hard and achieve my goals.

Oh Happy Day

Well today the teacher gave us our first paper back I received a B- on it I am so happy I worked really hard for that grade. For the overall class my grade is a B which makes me quite happy because this has been a longtime coming and to finally have a teacher that explains things when you ask him to and works with his students. That speaks volumes about a teacher when they are willing to work with you. I also had a peer-review session today on my paper which there is so much to correct. I know that I can do this and I will do it. I still need to interview a vegetarian on what it is like being a vegetarian. I am also going to look up a vegetarian recipe and then I am going to look up a meat recipe and compare the costs to cook them. So if there are any vegetarian readers out there let me know I would like to interview you on what it is like?

Unofficial Start of the Journey

Well today has been quite a day. I went to the nursing home to see my grandmother because her kidneys are failing her and so is her liver. Now they are making arrangements to have home her and have hospice come in. I also decided to live the experience of the paper. I figured if I’m going to write on the pros of being a vegetarian and the cons of it I need to experience what it is like so that way I can write objectively. So today I made myself a quesadilla for lunch and had to drink my fruit and protein juice from silk. So far doing ok with it I say it’s the unofficial day because tomorrow is really the day I begin the journey so stay tuned for what’s to come of this.  Other than that relaxing then tonight will work on the rough draft before my boyfriend gets home if I don’t complete it all then it’s to bed early for me, and that means I will awake at 2:30 in the morning to get this rough draft handed in. Sorry for such a depressing blog,but with my grandma not feeling well just hasn’t been the greatest day.

The Journey to An Argumentative Paper

Well today started the research process thinking I’m going to try Vegetarian for a couple of days just to get into this project so I can see all sides objectively. Though if there are any vegetarians out there I would like to get you’re  take on what it is like? How you prepare your foods? What kinds of food do you eat? How are you getting your nutrients? Other than that not much is happening besides that the roads are bad thank God I am inside today so don’t have to worry too much about it except my boyfriend is driving in these conditions because of work. So I hope he is safe would call him but I want his attention on the road and not talking on the phone.