I’m Back!!!!

Well this week I have been on Spring Break so no posting plus I had crummy sinuses where my whole body ached and my nose was so stuffy at one point was so tired I spent about 2 days on the couch doing nothing but resting and watching tv. Then on Monday I was cleaning the house. Tuesday yes I did some homework on Spring Break. Wednesday I did laundry at the laundry mat gosh I hate those place such an inconvenience they are good when you need them but the woman was so rude to  me glad I wasn’t the owner of that laundry mat because I would have given her a talking to about how to give good customer service I don’t care that you don’t like your job that is not my problem then find a new job or get a new career. I also don’t care that you are having a bad day that does not mean that you take it out on a customer. What this woman did was she got mad at me for asking for more quarters to start another couple of loads because of course not all dryers at a laundry mat always dry right. And she already knew I was a college student because at this particular laundry mat you get free drying up to five loads and she said that she couldn’t with a nasty tone to her voice. So I walked away that just goes to show that not all people should  allow themselves to work around people if they can’t handle working with people. And yes I do know how some people are frustrating to deal with, but I also know there are good people out there who get dumped on because they are having a bad day, and what I say to that put a smile on don’t take it out on a person.Yesterday I just relaxed and did a little more homework. Today not much going on I am just sad Spring Break is ending because to me it was fun because I had time to do all the things I wanted to do, and not worry when the next paper was due. My next dilemma is deciding whether to do Spring/Summer classes so that way I would be closer to my associates to transfer to SVSU to get my bachelor’s in Communications. I am leaning toward being an advocate not sure for what I just know that I like fighting for people and no I have no plans on becoming a lawyer. I want to  help others so an advocate, mediator, or maybe become an event planner that would be nice.