Teacher is on vacation

Well, the teacher has been on vacation which is nice because doing the classes online is easier without her there. I have been able to manage to get my homework done. So this week it has left me time to relax to watch movies, and read. Not a lot to report except ouch my wrist is hurting again so I have to put my brace on which stinks because it feels so confining to me. Wish this pain would go away. This week read Chapters 3&4 in my history book. This week I have to write an obit for Alexander The Great ok let me be honest I know that he was great,but in my opinion he was high on too much power. So to me I don’t see him as being Great that is just me. This guy just wasn’t satisfied he had to have more so he would go out to war to conquer others. I will write this obit very nicely granted I still don’t think this man was Great.


rough week

Well last week was a rough week.I just couldn’t comprehend everything I was reading on Egypt,and early civilization. Then to top it off I took the quiz and submitted it late so I’m sure that I didn’t do well on it because I thought the quiz was going by what was on the chart she had given in the end she was using questions from the study guide for the quiz. I was going to take the quiz on Friday thought  the school’s electrical system was down that morning turned out it wasn’t going to take place until 8pm that evening. So here I was last week cramming things I was learning. This week is better working on learning about the Greeks plus now that I know she uses questions from the study guides on the quizzes helps a lot. Plus the writing assignment is writing an obituary on Alexander The Great. So I am good with that one. I tell you online classes are a lot harder if you don’t put a lot of time and effort into it. I plan to pass this class just means I have to work a lot harder than before.

Dear Teacher

Dear Teacher, yes the classes are online I am aware of that, but I submitted my writing assignment to you, and it is not my fault if the school computer’s system does not work. I would be happy to submit the work to you 3 times just to triple check that you got my work. I also will say I do not learn very well by charting out history I like to talk about my work. This time I will fill out the silly little chart that you had. I also don’t appreciate when I ask you if we make a chart or fill out your template and your reply is if you know of a better way to do then go ahead. I’m sorry but that is not a response that a professional teacher gives her student. Online classes are not easy for me, and I am doing my best let’s remember last week was the first week. So now I am getting better at it.



a frustrated student

I could scream

Well teacher opened up the 2nd week of classes boy. I am asking myself What did I get into? This early western civilization is a lot to take in. Especially since the class is 10 weeks the bad part of it is I decided to take this class online which my goodness there is a lot of reading. I have to read 2 chapters which I hope I can get this all done. by next Sunday sure it is a week until it’s due,but I have learned that you can’t procrastinate with the classes otherwise you fall behind real quick. I told myself the last time I did online classes I wouldn’t do it again, and here I go again doing exactly what I didn’t want to do. I am hoping this starts to get better. I really don’t need anymore panic attacks at least today is Mother’s Day not going to worry about it today going to take a break enjoy the day.

Here We Go Again

Well this week I started my history class online for the spring semester. This week has been pretty easy we shall see how it goes also taking a class online in the summer,but do not have to worry about that until Spring. I like history next week will be a lot of homework this week it is an easy week though I have to do two quizzes. Let’s pray I make it through this semester because no matter what anybody says being a college student is not easy at all.


Well this has been a busy time for me. The winter semester is over my grades are I received a B- in English an A in swimming and a C in math. I have decided to do spring/summer classes online. Heaven help me!!!! I am taking a History class online and a Technical Writing class online. So I will be quite busy with that though thank God my technical writing class doesn’t start until July 3rd so for now only have one class to deal with for me.