another day in the life of a college student

I always hate this process of writing  papers is finding a topic to write about. I know that I should be use to this by now, but it is still hard to get use to picking out a title.  I need to write a procedure paper or an instruction paper. I have decided to write an instruction paper now the problem is what topic do I want to explain how to do. I know that people think college students have it easy, but that is not true at all because some of us have families. So there is always chores that need to be done around the house. Everything is about balance, and time management well maybe I should write about time management, and how students can manage their time, but I am still not sure about that one yet. Gosh the choices, and so little time. These internet classes are more work then people think they are because there is a lot of writing that goes on behind the scenes. I hope people learn to understand as I write this blog that no college students don’t have it easy, and they don’t get everything handed to them we do work hard for it. I am tired of movies portraying college students as party people because not all of us are that way. Dear Hollywood, stop with your stereotypes, and start putting some reality into your films.


Through one college students perspective

Well where do I begin well of course at the beginning. I am now frustrated with the financial aid. Here are the reasons:

  1. I get denied financial aid because I still didn’t meet academic progress after almost 2 years of this.
    I asked them did not my classes that I took in the winter mean anything well yeah, but you didn’t meet academic standards.
  2. Then I go on to tell them I am taking classes in the Spring/Summer because of this mess, and she said after that I will meet academic standards.
  3. Now I have to wait until August 21 for the grades to come out before I can call them to have them look over my grades.
  4. Then on July 31 payment is due for classes. So the question is How does financial or our government expect us to pay for classes without financial aid to take one class online is about $300.00 that’s not including the books.
  5. Then when I finally get the aid back I have to fill out the verification form personally the government needs to stay out of our business.

Yes all these reasons are upsetting me since I work especially hard, and now I would be happy with a job at McDonald’s except there has been no callback from them. Finding a job is hard because they want people with degrees or you need to already have some type of management experience to even be considered for a management position. I’m sorry if you think college isn’t hard work think again because you need to bring it in college just like you would have to at a job.


Well, I know it’s been a while so I have written in this, but my online history class has been taking up a lot of my time. My gosh I have never feared an essay, but I do because I am not that good at writing them. I try really hard to write them. I manage to write them without thinking, but gosh when it comes time to structuring it that’s where the problem comes in. I hope in the future I get better at writing essay. The hardest lesson I have had to learn with writing an essay is one trying to find something positive about the position, and then changing sides when you thought that side was better, but in the end. The best choice is taking the other side sometimes. This coming week is my technical writing class which is a lot of reading and writing which is okay because I don’t mind reading, and typing things up as long as I know what I am doing.  I am just glad history class is over everything is almost done for the final week. Then it will be time for final grades. I just hope that this will be enough to keep financial aid which those people would stop messing with it, and let me keep it because I am working hard for it.