Pulling my Hair

Well going to wait until the winter semester because now the pickings for fall semester are very slim. Going to fill out a bunch of job applications while I wait for the next semester. I hate filling out job applications because I am tired of being looked down on by retail stores because I have more restaurant experience. As a college student I would love to work, but not even Mcdonalds has called me back. I wish people knew that the job prospects for college students, and for the ones that are not are very slim no matter if you go to college or not the job search is tough. I will try no guarantees that I will find a job at least I have my volunteer job at church as a Sunday school teacher


Update from Frustrated College Student

Well yesterday I called financial aid found out they didn’t add the additional information to my file to review my gosh wonder what would have happened if I didn’t call. I understand it can take 2-3 weeks,but they had the information immediately since it was sent electronically. I just wish the financial aid office operated better than they do now. I would not be so upset if the aid was already there, and classes start on Monday so this is quite a squeeze to get a class. All I can say is Lord help me if I can a crappy teacher. I need an understanding teacher who will be patient and listen to me.

Frustrated College Student

I am just so frustrated with the financial aid office at my school my goodness less than a week classes will start, and still after submitting the additional information they wanted no answer, and I submitted that to them online last Thursday. I see no reason it is taking so long since some of those people were already were doing their fafsa. It is frustrating because I still need to complete my natural science credit then I take whatever class I want to get my associates degree. I am only 17 credits away from my associates degree then I will transfer to another college to obtain my bachelor’s degree in Communications. I know that I should not be upset, and worried because I did pass my Technical Writing class with a B, but this is not the point now. The point is that on Monday classes will begin, and I have no money to pay to take even one class because my goodness even at a community college in my opinion tuition is still too high to pay for even one class. I am even considering call the financial aid office to see where they are at in the process, but not sure that will help things along. I would not be worried if my financial aid was already in place, but I am because there is just not many selections for a natural science class not sure I really want to take Physical Geography, but if that is my only choice I guess I will have to work twice as hard to understand the course. My main problem with Science is I really do not understand it I try really hard to understand what the teacher says,but I need a teacher who is the patient with me, and explains things to me. Not many teachers in college are the patient with a student like me who needs to hear it explain slowly, and in terms I can understand.

Your not so typical College Student

First let me apologize to my readers for the long delay in post because I have had to work on papers for Technical Writing class last Thursday I finished my final paper for that class. I can say that Technical Writing is a whole different language, but I will say it was worth the time and effort because I learned how to write a resume,cover letter, and how to write complaint letters. For those that think online classes are a breeze they still require that you work hard and you must discipline yourself to stick to a strict schedule because there is a lot of reading for the class. I know that people get the wrong idea about college students not all of us are going to school to avoid getting a job because the way I see it this will enhance our skills to become marketable. I am not saying after college it will be easy to find a job because that is not necessarily true. What I am saying is that people need to stop judging college students because they think all of them are the same. Just because a guy twirls his lanyard with the keys on it does not mean that all kids do that. It’s simply that person’s nature to act silly, and that is no reflection of their intelligence or who they really are. I write these blogs because people seem to have misconceptions about what college students really go through. I know not everybody will care what I really have to say or will read this, but oh well I am going to write this anyways.

On another note I had to update my household information for my financial aid so we will see if I can squeeze into a class, and I will have to wait until the winter semester to take the math class I want because I am not rushing up to the head of the math department so I will wait for winter registration to begin because hopefully by then I will be on campus then it will make it easier to get the head of the math department’s permission to repeat Pre Algebra.

Thank you to all my readers who do read this.

Life of a typical college student

What is it with teachers? I ask this because I spent a lot of time on a paper for technical writing class no matter how hard I tried I still couldn’t get 1500 words why don’t teachers just say to write a four -five-page that makes sense instead of 1500 words what if a paper you wrote on can not be   expanded to 1500 words. What then give the student a bad grade because she tried her hardest to get the paper in. Plus, not let’s forget to add frustration to the equation because you want to get a good grade in the class, and not go backwards again. I know not everybody can understand my frustration with school because not everybody has been in my shoes so they start to think that all college students get things handed to them, and that is not true because most of us college students have a family. So no we can’t party like other college students because we are staying up with sick kids, doing chores around the house such as laundry. It piles up for some of us. I am not going to apologize for being blunt because the way I see it is that it is time for people to hear the real story about college students, and to get rid of the stereotypes that people have been putting out there for so long.


On another note, I found out after 2 long years I did meet satisfactory academic progress. So now all I had to do was send them the verification form to my financial aid, and all the tax papers to them. Still not sure if I will be going in the fall if they don’t approve it in time. I am okay will keep looking for a job, and doing some volunteer work around church. I know it is not  a real job in people’s eyes, but the way I see it I am building more life skills to help me in the work force.