Update from Yesterday’s post

Well the financial aid came through so it is official I will be able to go back to school in the winter to complete the 17 credits I need to graduate. I will be taking my last natural science course, and I will take a fun class not sure of which one yet. Then I still have all these yucky math courses to finish then I will have my associates degree then on to earn my bachelor’s degree in Communication. This has been quite a journey will still try to find a job while going to school. Just means I am going to take classes in the Spring and Summer so that will I will be on track to get my associates degree not sure when I will graduate, but will let all my readers know for now. I will not have much to write until January unless everyone wants to hear my struggle with finding a job. So to all my readers I will be back on track with my writing in January for now not too much to write about.


Thanks again for reading this




The Light At The End of the Tunnel

Well, After weeks of call and emailing the financial aid department at the school has reviewed the information so they sent it to the Department of Education for review, and then they will send it back to the financial aid office and let them know if they need any more information, and if they decide they don’t need anymore information then my financial aid will go through, and that means I will return to school in the winter. I have been trying to find a job, but again this is not easy because they want years of experience or as high as a bachelor in some cases. I have sent out a resume and a cover letter to the same place still no response. I can only say this economy is not getting better which makes this really frustrating on me because even as a college student who wants to work and go to school. I just want to say “Where Are The Jobs?” because I don’t see many jobs I have even put in applications at fast food restaurants with no success. I am not going to go on a political discussion because as my motto goes that is between me and the voting booth. All I will say that even if you are a college student or not a college student there are still no job. Okay I might offend some people who may read this but again this is my opinion how about instead of the student loans incurring the ones who have jobs, and are going to school should have the option to start paying off the debt so that way not so much debt occurs when you get out of college just a thought. That I know some college students will take offense to, but I am sorry this country has already gotten out of hand. Let’s be part of the change not part of the problem.

Again thanks for reading. Sorry if I offended anyone.