A Struggling College Student

Dear Politicians,

Stop talking about the fiscal cliff, and do the job the people elected you to do. This college student cannot find a job because employers keep turning me down. Why do they not say what they are looking for? I am a friendly person, and I do know what people are looking for they want someone who listens to them, and their every need. I also know that people want a person who can relate them, and I can relate to them. I am the customer, and client. So I do know what people are looking for they are looking for someone who has a smile on their face. Let’s get it together, and start figuring out how we can create jobs. I am sick to death of hearing about the fiscal cliff when I have been trying to find a job for over a year while attending college by the way, and still coming up short.  Am fed up with  the word entitlement being thrown around because frankly not everybody thinks the government owns them anything. I think the needs are economy,and jobs. If there is more I’m missing let me know. I do not think the government owes me anything. What about our healthcare system when people are needing medical help. Also how about fixing Social Security because my grandma can only get 1/3 of my grandpa’s Social Security, and “What you might ask? It is because she worked for the government at the VA hospital. I find this unfair especially when our politicians are getting Social Security when they get out of office, but because my grandma worked for the Va it is a different story. I do think  employers need to not make it so hard to get a job, so that way it would be able to support myself, and not rely on anybody for that. I think people need to quit throwing words around, and start taking action. Let’s help college students, and others find jobs. I wish it were easy to work, and go to school, but the truth is that it has not been easy to find a job. Otherwise I would gladly work and go to school. I sincerely hope that you politicians start working together, and put your party politics behind you because you are all sounding like children to me.


Just an average college student

I know it’s crazy that I am organizing how I am going to study in the upcoming winter semester. I celebrated my birthday yesterday by going out for Mexican food, and watching Malibu Country that is a funny show, and ended the night with a Hard Apple Cider pouch by Daily’s yep that’s how this college girl celebrates her birthday could be boring to others, but I think people have the wrong idea about college students not all of us are  heavy drinkers sure some are, but not all we need to change the stereotypes of this because that is not a true representation of a college student. I tell my children everyday get your education first then worry about the boys later I want them to learn that being a strong woman with careers is a good thing, and a man has to chase to get to them. I don’t want them to settle I want them to know the sky’s the limit.

Being A College Student

Sorry for the long delays I have all my classes picked out for the winter semester I will be taking principles of biology, women lit, and Theatre History not exactly sure where my career is going, but I am not worried because I know at some point doors will open up for me. I just have to stay positive. Still applying for jobs with no luck at all which is very frustrated because I do know customers because I myself am a customer at the places I go to. My future career will involve helping other people, and speaking for those who need a voice. I believe that we need to stop being silent about issues that are important to us. I am still trying to get people to sign the petition for March of Dimes to light up the White House with purple around the outside for the preemies because my middle daughter was born 3 months too early, and now she is a thriving 11 year who is athletic, reading, and is a very brilliant child. I would like to work for an organization like this because it is helping others, and I want to  helps others, and possibly inspires them to help others.  This is the link for the petition for March of Dimes.https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/light-white-house-purple-celebrate-75th-anniversary-march-dimes-and-symbol-hope-preemie-families/c578wdL3  Being a college student is not an easy job, and no not all college students want everything for free in this world it is really tough to find a job when you get an email saying you are not qualified, and then you ask yourself what did you do wrong, and I’m I good at anything?