A Boring Life

Well, I’m sorry I have not been very good at keeping up with this blog, but just had a lot on my mind. I did go to school in the winter semester, and Biology did not go like I had wanted it to I took a pass/no credit because I knew that I would not pass the class since I tried everything to pass the class to no avail. I did however pass my Theatre History class with an A, and my Woman’s Literature class with a B-. I am currently going to the Spring/Summer session so this semester all of my classes are online. I have a math class, Listening class, and Intro to Creative Writing so far so good won’t know until after the 24th of this month what my grades are.

At the rate I’m going sometime after next fall I will be able to graduate with my associates then I am going on to get my Bachelor’s in Communications I plan to work in Public Relations. I would like to be the one doing the talking for people. Other than that not too much is happening in my life.