My New Journey

Well I haven’t been good about writing in this, but I will try to keep this updated better. On May 29, 2014 I applied for admissions into Saginaw Valley State University to get my Bachelor’s in Social Work. On June 4, 2014 I was admitted into SVSU for the Winter Semester of 2015 since I missed the deadline for applying for everything that was needed.

Well this past Wednesday I took a tour of the campus what I can say is wow it is nice the kid giving the tour was very detailed. I enjoyed seeing everything that the campus has to offer. I can honestly say when I saw the dorms my personal opinion is I really wouldn’t want to live on campus cost too much money, also I really wouldn’t enjoy having roommates. My conclusion is I really didn’t miss anything by not going to college right out of high school because I just couldn’t and wouldn’t want to be in a dorm it is too crammed for me. I know some people might be offended, but again this is just my opinion.

I am a different kind of college student because I have kids, and I think by my going to college in my 30’s I know that I don’t have to act like the rest of the crowd it is okay to be myself. Honestly, I am quite happy being the person God has called me to be. Yes, I am not ashamed to share my faith with others, and no I will not push it on others. My point is if people ask me Why am I so content? I won’t be afraid to share Why I am different?