Essay on My Late Grandmother

Well this is an Essay I wrote about my grandmother two years ago I am sad that I was never able to have her see it. I wrote this Essay in my Creative Writing class, and I didn’t get a chance to share this to people at her funeral so now I am going to show it to the world on May 6,2014 at 9:45pm my grandmother went home to be with the Lord, and she passed away from Colon Cancer so please everybody make sure to eat right and get screened for colon cancer.

A grandma with Dementia

Well, last year after about four years of wondering what is going on with my grandma, I finally found out what was going on. I would talk to her and every time I did she would accuse my dad of stealing from her. She was constantly repeating herself as well. I wonderedwhat was going on so finally I asked my dad; “What is the truth, what is going on with grandma? He finally said “Faith, your grandma has a form of dementia. I said “Oh, now I understand what is going on”. In reality I didn’t understand what was going on until I did some research to find out more about it. I was curious if I would ever get dementia. Grandma has taken care of people all her life for example, when my grandpa’s dad was sick she brought his father into the house to take care of him. My grandma is a blessing because when I was little my grandma decided to get custody of my sister and I because our mother had abandoned us in a trailer. This woman is selfless because she helped raise my sister and I no matter how hard it became, and she did it all without complaining. Another reason she is a blessing is because when I was little a psychologist told my grandmother that I would never be able to learn and she said give her to me, and every morning while waiting for the bus my grandmother would read to me, and we would draw pictures on the window with our breath. Grandma having dementia is not easy because she does repeat the same things over and over again. Her short term memory is not good like it used to be. Her long-term memory is good because she and I can still laugh about the past.

Grandma took care of people for example, she was an RN a long time ago at the Veterans Hospital here in Saginaw, MI. The stories she tells me about the patients at the Veterans hospital are amazing because she has talked about forgiving people. For example, there was a man at the hospital who would get nasty with her and say “Hales come here” and my grandma did not snap at the guy. She continued to be nice to him and finally he asked her how can you be so nice to me when I have been so mean. She said “Only by the grace of God.” From that day on the man was always nice to my grandma. Fast-forward to when she was raising me. My mother would call and always be nasty to her and my grandma never said a nasty word to her. One day she asked my grandma “How can you be so nice to me when I talk nasty to you? Again my grandma said “Only by the Grace of God”. I have asked her how she could forgive my mother so easily because if my mother had been nasty to me I know that I would have snapped. No not my grandmother though. She has been a fine example of what a Christian woman looks like which is that she is always forgiving.

This woman has shown me an example of what a Christian woman is because when she married my grandpa he did not go to church with her, but instead of nagging at him to go to church she decided to just take her and the kids to church, and by her example later on in my grandpa’s life he decided to go to church with my grandma. Another example of how my grandma has been an example of what a Christian woman looks like is that she is kind, compassionate, and forgiving. She reads the Bible and prays everyday. She use to be on the prayer chain at her church people would call her, and she would write down everybody that she had to pray for. My grandma is a blessing because she takes care of those in need.

My grandma is a blessing because no matter what she has gone through in life she always has a smile on her face, and she is proud to be herself. My grandma was such a lively woman who had a zest for life. Now she doesn’t want to do anything anymore. She would rather stay home than go out to visit her friends. She tells me how lonely she feels, and that the dog they have is such a good friend to her, and every night the dog gets his hugs and kisses from my grandma. I can honestly say it is hard to see my grandma have dementia because I still remember her as a woman who was so full of life.

There are times that it has been hard for my dad to be the caregiver to my grandma, but with God’s help he has managed to take care of my grandma. He helps her pay the bills since she is no longer of a sound mind to do that anymore. I know this frustrates her because she feels that she is being treated like a child who only gets a $10 allowance. This is hard for her to grasp that my dad is not out to get her and that he does have her best interest at heart. He is doing the best he can to take care of my grandma. I hope they can continue to work on finding out how to prevent dementia from happening. Is there a way this could be treated?

  • In Conclusion,my grandma has taken care of a lot of people over the years, and now it’s time for her to settle down, and let somebody take care of her for a change. I know that I am going to take care of myself so that I will not get dementia. I can only imagine that it is not easy for my dad to take care of her. He does it because he loves her and he never complains about it. He is patient with her even though it is not easy. I am glad that she is still able to do all the basic everyday tasks. It can’t be easy for her to let somebody take care of her because she has always been an independent woman. I will continue to cherish my grandma for as long as I can until the good Lord takes her home. I will continue to listen to all the stories that she has to tell about her childhood and how it wasn’t easy to grow up in the Great Depression. How hard her family struggled for food. She has done a lot of hard work. She has kissed a cow and milked a cow. This woman grew up on a farm. She has done the ultimate forgiveness. Her mom told her years later when she had grown up, and they went to San Francisco in the 50’s, in not so many words that she did not want her, and that she tried everything to get rid of her. Let me remind you this was in the Great Depression so it was hard to feed children if you had too many of them. Though when my great grandma was getting sick my grandmother stepped in to take care of her mother. My grandmother has been a fine example of what a Christian woman is because she has always been patient with those she loves, and everyday she is reading her Bible, and praying for everybody. She was quite the loving wife to my grandfather, and to this day she tells me “Faith, your grandpa was the best, and I couldn’t have asked for a better husband. This is how my grandma has displayed what a Christian woman is suppose to be with her husband.Grandma, has been a blessing to those all around her, and she always has a smile on her face. My sister and I’s friends would all call her grandma because she loved everybody, and she still has a heart of gold. She has donated clothes to Emaus House, and she use to cut up stamps at church for missions. My grandmother has been to Indonesia on a mission trip, and she has loved it. My grandmother is a blessing because she has raised my sister and I. She is a blessing because without her I have no idea where I would be today without her patience,and she would always say that I could do anything that I set my mind,to. She is a blessing because she never gave up on me when others would have, but not this woman she has taught me to be the woman I am today. I have learned the values she taught me, and that I need to forgive others even though some people are hard to forgive she has told me that as a Christian we must forgive. This woman has shown me how to crochet, bake, cook, and how to sew. Her and I have so many memories, and she has taught me so many wonderful lessons, and I am proud that I have had the experience to share so many memories with my grandma because some kids do not always have the privilege of always seeing their grandparents, and God sent my grandmother to be a blessing to me. And even, though she has dementia she and I still have that bond that dementia cannot take away from us. She may have lost some of that spunk she had and she is slowing down but I have all of the memories she and I shared.My Grandmother has been a caregiver all her life so now it is hard for her to step aside and let people take care of her.