Chapter 18 The Complete Idiots Guide To WordPress

Today I will go through the plug-ins for the self-hosted WordPress because the plug-ins are functions written in php (a scripting language) that can extend the capabilities of your WordPress blog or website. I will definitely use the Akismet spam so that way it can detect if there is any spam on my page. Well this Chapter dealt with how to activate the plug-ins to a self hosted blog, and I know in the future if I get a self-hosted account then I will be able to do the things that they recommend to do in the Chapter.

Hopefully, the next Chapter will have more to it that will relate to what I can do with my blog. The next section deals with attracting an audience so I will learn how to attract more readers to my blog. Which is my goal to write a better blog to attract more readers. Thank you readers for following me on this journey of how to write a better blog. I am sorry this post is so short, but this Chapter mainly covered the self-hosted site.




Chapter 17 The Complete Idiots Guide To WordPress

Well hello readers I hope everybody had a good thanksgiving I know that I did. I ate turkey and had a turkducken which is turkey, chicken, and duck combined together. I was really concerned with eating not sure I was going to like it, but surprisingly all three of the meats combine together nicely.

This post again will pertain to Well today I am going to take you through the benefits of learning CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) which is it can deliver big results. For example, if I don’t like the color or formatting of links in my blog posts, I can make a universal change to all the hyperlinks on my WordPress site in seconds through my theme’s style sheet file. If you take the time to learn some CSS, you’ll save time and money in the long run because you won’t have to struggle to figure out how to make changes to your WordPress site design.

In this chapter they talked about hiring a designer for your blog, but in the future if I decide to go that route I will learn it myself because I do like to learn new things. Also they mentioned uploading a new WordPress theme to the blog which at this point I am working with the free blog so that isn’t useful to me quite yet. They also mentioned ways to find technical help for the blog. So for today not much was learned because this applied to, but maybe in the future I will have enough money to switch to Thank you again my readers for following me on this journey on how to work with WordPress.



Chapter 16 The Complete Idiots Guide to WordPress

Before I get into Chapter 16 let me first off start by saying sorry that I am so behind yesterday was my birthday and the night before I started to get a little sad because it was the first birthday without my grandma since this past May she passed away from colon cancer. Sorry to get off topic, but I wanted to readers to know why I hadn’t updated it in the last two days.

Today I am going to compare and and show the difference between the two. and are the same application. However, because is hosted by WordPress, Automattic (the company that owns Word-Press) includes features through the WordPress dashboard that enable users to readily access other Automattic-owned tools, test new tools, and create a sense of community among users.

On the other hand, enables users to take complete control of their sites because they’re hosted through third-party web hosts. users have complete access to all the code that makes their blogs work, so the sky’s the limit.

To write, publish, edit and delete a post in and are identical, but there is a difference because in you have complete control over what you can publish on your blog. For example, while you can’t simply copy and paste embed code from a video to a blog post, you can do so with Just be sure to paste the embed code into the HTML blog post editor. (Embedding YouTube videos is discussed in more detail in Appendix B.) You can even include ads in your self-hosted WordPress blog posts if you want! The process of adding, editing, and deleting categories and tags also works the same way in both and

The process of uploading and managing media in works exactly the same as it does for users. However, users can upload any types of media they want.The only file type and size upload limitations for your blog are those set by your web host.

Even if a file is too big to upload directly from your WordPress dashboard (meaning it’s over the 8MB upload threshold), you can still upload it to your hosting account using an FTP service.

There is no difference in creating links, categorizing them, and deleting As with posts, pages work the same way in as they do in You have more flexibility in creating content for your pages because you’re not limited by the type of media or coding you can put in those pages.

The process of publishing and moderating comments doesn’t change from to However, there is one big difference you need to be aware of. The WordPress comment spam detection tool, Akismet, works automatically with, but for blogs, the Akismet plug-in must be activated before it begins to flag spam comments. Activate Akismet by clicking the plugins link in the plugins section of your WordPress dashboard left menu. This opens the Plugins page, where the plug-ins that come pre-installed with are listed.

The tools available to you through the Tools section in your WordPress left menu work the same way in as they do in You do have fewer options through this menu in than you do in Thank you again readers for following my journey to learning how to better use WordPress.





Dear Grandma,

Today is my 35th birthday I miss all the times we use to celebrate my birthday. You were my best friend it is so hard to know that we no longer get to celebrate my birthday or any other occasions together. My head knows your gone, but my heart is not ready to let go just yet because I am afraid that I will forget you. I know that you have taught me many lessons about life such as that we need to fight for causes that you believe in. I remember you telling me that when the nurses wanted a union you helped them to get it, and then you didn’t join the union because you didn’t want to be in it, but wanted them to have the right to be in a union if they chose to do so. I remember all the times you gave to people unconditionally. I also remember all the lives that you touched. I also remember every time that I did not measure up to my cousins you said that I was special in my way.

Grandma, you never favored anybody you loved us all equally. Well come January I will be starting SVSU without you cheering for me. I am happy to be starting a new journey, but also scared because I know that I can no longer call you, and say I got this grade or that grade on a paper. I can’t say that the grieving is any easier all I know that with each passing day it is getting a little easier for me. I would like people to know that you had a caring heart, and that you were always there for people when they needed you. This woman was a very forgiving person, and taught me many lessons about forgiving. God, help me as I continue to grieve this wonderful woman. Grandma, by the way you will never be forgotten I will live out everything that you taught me to be.



Chapter 15 The Complete Idiots Guide To WordPress

Today are the steps to install the which is completing the domain assignment form to assign your chosen domain to your cpanel:

In step 1: Enter Domain, be sure the radio button next to Use a domain that is not already associated with your account is selected and confirm that the correct domain you want to use is entered into the Domain: text box. If not, you should change it to the correct domain.

Step 2: Verify Ownership if you registered the domain through the same web host. You should see a message in this section that reads, n/a-The domain is currently associated to but un-assigned in your account.

Step 3: Choose Addon vs. Parked, be sure the radio button next to Addon Domain is selected. An addon domain is one that points to a different subdirectory in your main hosting account, which enables you to make it look like an entirely new website, different from any others you already created in your hosting account for different domains. A parked domain is one that points to the same directory as your account’s primary domain, so the website for that domain is the same as the one for your primary domain.

Step 4: Choose Addon Directory and Sub-domain, be sure the radio button next to create a new directory is selected if you want this domain to act as its own separate site. If you want it to be a subdomain of another domain, you can choose the radio button next to use an existing directory and choose the existing directory from the drop-down list.

Finally, click the Add Domain button at the bottom of the page, This returns to the Manage Domains page,where you can see a new message that says, “Successfully assigned your as addon domain.” You’ll also see the link next to that domain in your list of domains has changed from Unassigned to Addon.

Simple Scripts  allows  users  to upload   newer versions   of  WordPress  sooner  than   Fantastico   has been   able to  offer  those  versions.   guides you  through  the process of  installing WordPress.  You don’t  have to  download the  WordPress  software  and  then  upload  it  to  your  WordPress account, as you  have to  when you  do  a  manual install  (discussed later  in this  chapter).  In fact, it’s virtually unnecessary to do a manual WordPress installation, because tools like Simple Scripts can do it all for you!

Well thank you again readers for following me on this journey I know in the future if my blog grows bigger than yes I will move to so that way I can try to do new things. I will not manually install WordPress when I do get my own hosting site because I need something that is easy to install in one click, and have it done automatically for me.







Chapter 14 The Complete Idiots Guide To WordPress

Well today I will take you through my journey of where it is a self-hosted site. The first step is creating your own domain name which means being creative. I am not going to buy a domain name and maybe in the future I might just depends on where this journey may lead me.

The next step is choosing a host who provides the space to store content and serves it to visitors on the web. Since you have to pay for and maintain a hosting account to use as your blogging application, you’ll often hear referred to as self-hosted WordPress, while, which is hosted by WordPress and referred to as WordPress-hosted.

There are three different types of hosting:

Shared host: The vast majority of bloggers can get by with a shared hosting account. With a shared host, multiple customers with their own websites share a server that’s dedicated to storing the content for those sites and making them available online.

Reseller host: Some people and companies buy server space from a host and resell it to customers.

Dedicated server host: If your website or blog is extremely popular, you might need to purchase a hosting account that gives you a dedicated server, so you’re not sharing it with other users. This ensures that your site always loads quickly because space is dedicated to it at all times.

Factors to consider when choosing a hosting account:

cost: Compare what the host is offering at a specific price point to ensure it’s a good deal. Use the other items in this list as your comparison criteria to ensure you’re comparing apples to apples.

Storage space: Find out how much space you’re given to store your blog content. Many hosting accounts offer unlimited space at competitive prices.

Bandwidth: Some web hosts set limits on how much data you can transfer through your blog each month. In other words, your transfer limit (or bandwidth) needs to be enough to allow your content to be viewed by every person who visits your blog. You can always upgrade your transfer limits as your blog grows, if necessary.

Domains and e-mails: Different hosting accounts offer different limits and pricing on domains and e-mails. Choose a plan that matches your needs and is competitive.

cPanel with Fantastico or Simple Scripts: cPanel is a control panel feature many web hosts offer that makes it extremely easy to work with your hosting account. Fantastico and SimpleScripts are tools that help you install to your hosting account and associate it with your blog’s domain. If you’re not tech savvy, this is an essential feature for you.

FTP is an acronym for file transfer protocol. FTP is used to transfer files from one host to another. You can also use FTP to transfer files from your computer to your web hosting account. Well thank you again my readers for following my journey to discovering how to use WordPress. Tomorrow I will take you through how to install





Baby Steps

This is my cousin Courtney Medina’s blog. She is using it to inspire others and give them encouragement.

Inspiration: Pick me, Pick me!

IMG_211833207843281 Sometimes we run ourselves ragged. Sometimes we look back and think we haven’t come as far as we had hoped or wanted to. But, do we take time to ever congratulate ourselves for moving forward that half a step? What if this bout of depression has left you bedridden, but you walked the length of the driveway today to check the mall. You did it! You’ve moved forward! If you are ever in your head, doubting yourself, and just throwing a pity party, think back on this post. Who cares if you aren’t a millionaire. Baby steps travel far. ♡

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