The Reckless Love of God


Today I am going to review the Reckless Love of God by Alex Early this book started off really slow to me. I do love how he titles each Chapter. Chapter 1 he starts off with Jesus Loves Me he explains in this Chapter about the Love of Jesus and this first Chapter is really basic for the new believer in Christ who knows nothing about the love of Jesus. I honestly did not find this book as interesting as I would have thought I would be because basically it is a repeat of stories in the Bible that I already understand and I know that Jesus loves me and that I do not need to feel condemned.

I would highly recommend this book to new believers in Christ to help them understand the Reckless Love of God because they are the ones discovering a relationship with Jesus for themselves, and they might want to read this book for themselves. I know that I probably mentioned this or maybe not but it lacked depth for me and left me with not as good as I thought it would be. This book was written for a different audience in mind I believe. I am reviewing this book for Bethany House publishers and I was not paid to review this book for them. These are my honest opinions and views


The Photograph by Beverly Lewis

The Photograph

Today I am going to review Beverly Lewis’s The Photograph I will admit this was a slow read for me because I was wondering when the action was going to start, but as I got further along in the book I understood why the story moved slowly. I love how they showed all the different emotions that the characters portrayed. We see in the opening that the Esch girls parents had passed away, and they were all dealing with it in their own way. I did enjoy the country setting of this story. We see that Eva Esch’s sister disappears from the Amish countryside because she is believing there has to be something more than just the Amish life. Lily’s family is afraid because they don’t understand why she would disappear from the Amish life that she has known all her life.

We meet another character named Jed who is coming to apprentice with Jonas Byler in the Lancaster County in Pennsylvania. He is on a train and finds a book also there is a photograph in the book that starts to spark Jed’s interest. Then he is curious of who the person is in the photograph, and wants to meet her. He goes to an auction, and by coincidence he meets a girl named Eva, and he ends up having so much fun talking to her, and then when he goes to the candy shop to which he owns. The photograph falls out of the book, and she asks him where the photograph came from, and he tells her he found it in the book. She begins to pull away from him even though she is attracted to him.

Overall this book is a great read I will warn you it does start out slow, but it really does begin to come together halfway through the book. I will not tell you how the story ends because I want you to read it for yourself to see how the story ends. Disclaimer: I received this book from Bethany House Publishers in exchange for my honest review.