Writer’s Block

Well hello readers I’m sorry that I have not kept this up to date as I should. I chose the title writer’s block because this semester has been really hard for me because I have a Literary Analysis class this semester and I must say it is really challenging for me because. The first paper I did not do so well on because I am not good at making inferences from a story and I blanked out where to begin with writing. I must say I still am struggling with writer’s block because I have a poetry paper due and I still am not good with analyzing a poem. I am writing this to my readers because I want you to know that you are not alone if you struggle with writer’s block. I try to hide the fact that I get writer’s block because I don’t want to feel like a failure.

I realize it is time to talk about this and not to be afraid that it is happening. I must say school has been challenging for me this semester a whole lot of different experiences have happened, but I will write about that tomorrow. I will try to fill you in about my journey in school to getting a Bachelor’s degree. Anyway, I am off topic to what I was writing about. This writer’s block is a nightmare it just nags at you until you just want to fling something because you are stressed out about what you want to say in the paper. I know that I will fight this writer’s block one step at a time and day by day I will overcome the Writer’s block and then I will let you know how I overcome this struggle.


Rising Darkness in Finding Sanctuary Series 3 by Nancy Mehl


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Today I am reviewing a book by Nancy Mehl called Rising Darkness this book is about a girl named Sophie Wittenbauer who left her home in Kingdom, Kansas and moved to St. Louis Missouri and is working for a newspaper. She gets a tip about a crime that happened decades ago in a town called Sanctuary, Missouri. She decides that she is going to that town to track down the story and see if the criminal is still in the area and if he is then to bring him back.

At first this story was very slow for me but in the middle of the book it started to pick up because she met a man named Jonathon who had lived in Kingdom with her. He wanted to know why she burned down a church before she left the town. She let him know that her mom and dad treated her very badly. I would recommend this book to anybody who likes mystery and suspense because this had a lot of twists and turns to it. We see many different characters because Jonathon is a guy who grew up in the same town as Sophie but he wasn’t interested in her at first but later in the story we start to see his feelings grow for Sophie.

We also see in the story that Sophie is changing because at first she is very bitter and upset by what her parents did to her, but later on we see that she is starting to forgive her parents because she is trusting in God. This review is an honest opinion and I did not receive compensation for this because this book was given to me by Bethany House Publishers in exchange for my honest review of the book.