When you feel age holds you back

Today for the life of David we looked at 1 Samuel 17:12-15 We are introduced to David’s family and what his birth order is in his family. David did not let being the youngest in his family stop him from going  Saul and back to Bethlehem to feed his father’s sheep. I don’t know about you, but I can admit it is hard to be the oldest among my siblings because I always feel the need to protect them. I’m sure this is what David’s brothers were thinking of how is this kid running from Saul back to home? I’m sure  they were protective of him, but David knew that God was with him and he did not let being the youngest in his family stop him from doing what God called him to do.

I know me being the oldest I tend to be more cautious and not want to step out of the box because I think I’m to old, but we see that David did not let that hold him back from what God was calling him to do. We know that he could have said “God, I’m to young to do what you want me to do.” He also could have been whining about tending to his father’s sheep, but instead he kept a positive attitude, and continued to tend his father’s sheep all while listening to what the Lord. Have any of you felt that your age held you back? How about you complain about the job you have? I know these can be tough questions to answer because there are times that I have let my age define me because I always don’t think I am as powerful as though who are my elders. I tend to think gee I can’t speak in front of my elders because what if they think What does she know because she is younger than us?

David we see trusted God with his whole heart. We need to remember that we should trust God with our whole heart and not let age define us. Also we need to be content with whatever job is in our life because the reality is we are doing it for the Lord doesn’t matter if you are working at Mcdonald’s just remember everything you do is for his name. I know that when we go through hard times we forget what God has called us to do. I need to remember in my life that even though I am going through a dry season that I need to be content and not let age define me. So today I will encourage you to not let your age define you also let us trust God with our whole heart.