Life Changing for All


There are not many books that have come around that I can say are truly fantastic, but this book Distinctly You by Cheryl Martian took the cake because there were topics in this book that I really needed to read and absorb. There were many quotes that I found great for example in Chapter 1 I found the quote “Whenever you let others define you and your essence, you block your progress to thriving in your own uniqueness.” She is saying that we should not let others define us because when we do we our blocking our growth to be ourselves. This book is something that everybody should read again and again for a refresher because she reminds us that we cannot compare our strengths and expectations as the baseline for our achievements in life.

There is just so much to discuss about how wonderful this book is it is a must read because the way she writes this book is wonderful. I also love this quote from Chapter 4 “What we say is a powerful indicator of what we believe.” She also talks about in Chapter 4 “Is your thinking stinking?” “If so, it will block you from being distinct.” This Chapter talked about our small view of God.

She reminds us in Chapter 13 that we need to let God define us. Which is a great reminder that we shouldn’t let others define us this great question stood out to me “Are you ready and willing to discard your dreams and totally surrender to God’s blueprint for you? “Are you all in no matter the cost?” This is a great quote “Letting God define you means your view of yourself is based on how He sees you, not as others see you, and you accept His design.

Cheryl Martian also reminds us to do our best in the end she reminds us that we can only control ourselves and to mind our own business. This is my honest review for Bethany House Publishers I was not compensated for my review.


Reflecting on Life

Tonight my boyfriend and I got to talking about our ages 10 years ago he was remembering when we were both young and he wishes we were young. I on the other hand remember that I was a broken 27 year old who didn’t know how to feel her emotions because I would hide the tears so that way nobody knew the pain that was hidden. I didn’t know the good Lord like I do now. Even though I was raised in a Christian household I went through the motions of reading the Bible and doing everything that I was suppose to do. I tried to fit the molds of being a Christian and being in society let’s say I battled this one out for a longtime because I wanted to be accepted by both Christians and the world.  I can say there were times as a teenager I didn’t understand my emotions. I look back at my life and think I am glad that I have changed in the last ten years because I have started to feel much more comfortable in my skin I have a deeper relationship with the Lord. No, that does not mean I am perfect just means that I can be happy in who I am as a person and who God called me to be.

I also look back and think wow in my 30s and have an Associates degree and going for a Bachelor’s degree in Communications. I also am blessed that the Lord provided me with an opportunity to get on my University’s newspaper because I can say I never imagined that this type of opportunity would come along. I must say my 20s weren’t my best years because in that time I was growing and still discovering who I was now I am confident in who I am and I know who holds my future which the Lord holds my future and knows the plans for my life.

Friends don’t live your life with regrets and take some chances in your life and see where it pans out. Your life is not over you can always start again. Don’t settle for where you are at if you are not happy where your life is going then do what you can to change it. Of course there are always some bumps in the road, but what I have found that helps me is to read scripture verses on the topic that I need to work on and listen to Christian music I won’t say that if you become a Christian your life will be easy because it is not an easy road to travel on because you will have trials that will come up in your life, but with the Lord’s help you will come out all right. I share my testimony because I was once a broken, and insecure. Now, I am confident in who I am because the Lord helps me get through those hard days and having the Lord in my life I don’t have to feel pressured to fit into anybody’s mold. I can still be my wacky, and fun self and not care if I fit in with anybody. I have accepted I am not everybody’s cup of tea, and that is okay because God created us to be different he did not create us to be like anybody else. He created us to be ourselves and accept ourselves for who we are.