Life Changing for All


There are not many books that have come around that I can say are truly fantastic, but this book Distinctly You by Cheryl Martian took the cake because there were topics in this book that I really needed to read and absorb. There were many quotes that I found great for example in Chapter 1 I found the quote “Whenever you let others define you and your essence, you block your progress to thriving in your own uniqueness.” She is saying that we should not let others define us because when we do we our blocking our growth to be ourselves. This book is something that everybody should read again and again for a refresher because she reminds us that we cannot compare our strengths and expectations as the baseline for our achievements in life.

There is just so much to discuss about how wonderful this book is it is a must read because the way she writes this book is wonderful. I also love this quote from Chapter 4 “What we say is a powerful indicator of what we believe.” She also talks about in Chapter 4 “Is your thinking stinking?” “If so, it will block you from being distinct.” This Chapter talked about our small view of God.

She reminds us in Chapter 13 that we need to let God define us. Which is a great reminder that we shouldn’t let others define us this great question stood out to me “Are you ready and willing to discard your dreams and totally surrender to God’s blueprint for you? “Are you all in no matter the cost?” This is a great quote “Letting God define you means your view of yourself is based on how He sees you, not as others see you, and you accept His design.

Cheryl Martian also reminds us to do our best in the end she reminds us that we can only control ourselves and to mind our own business. This is my honest review for Bethany House Publishers I was not compensated for my review.