A Letter to Trump

I’ve been following your campaign and I’m not impressed because first of all, you say things such as Mexicans rape people and commit crimes, but that is not true anybody could commit crimes no matter the color of your skin. Also you are saying about deporting Mexicans back to Mexico I find this offensive because I am half Mexican and proud of it also my daughters are a quarter Mexican and they are proud of it. So this hateful speech you have is not right and I just can’t justify voting for you, but I won’t stop others because we were all born with freewill, but in no way Mr. Trump do you speak for me.

I’m also not happy with the way you talk about women for example, this locker room  talk is unacceptable to me because women should be respected and valued. I would not want any man to talk about my daughters in that way. I want them to respect themselves and not settle. You, my friend are a bully. 

I’m also not happy you are using evangelical voters to get your way because we are not prizes. We are all broken in our own ways. It is not my job to judge those who vote for you. As an evangelical that doesn’t mean you represent what a Christian is to me. Christians are not suppose to divide people. We are called to love others 

Finally, I am not happy how you make fun of people with disabilities because these people have unique talents. I wasn’t happy to hear you made fun of Marlee Matin she is a great person. So what that she is deaf, but what you are doing is not helping.