Treasured Grace

Today I finished a book called Treasured Grace by Tracie Peterson this was a wonderful read it is a tale about a Woman who is a widow named Grace. Her husband died on the trail and she promises herself that she will not enter another marriage without love in it. This historical fiction takes you through 19th century America and how towns were beginning to exist. It shows how there was conflict with the Indians. This book portrays forgiveness and healing because Grace’s sisters Hope and Mercy both had to deal with PTSD after the Indians attacked. They also had to learn how to forgive other people.

Tracie Peterson did a great job writing this book. It flowed very nicely. She portrayed the events of what the early settlers went through. Showed that people had to learn to get along with other people. She added forgiveness and Mercy to the book. She also developed a nice romance between Grace and Alex she let their love grow slowly. She kept you wondering what was going to happen next in the book such as Are Alex and Grace going to get together or will it be Niger and Grace? She portrayed very well what happened in 19th century to single women. They would marry out of desperation because society back then said women couldn’t be alone. Loved how she showed how both sisters dealt with the trauma they both had been through.

We see that Mercy deals with it by claming up at first because the pain is too much to deal with, but Grace is so patient with her by acknowledging the pain she is going and later on she finally tells Grace what happened at the mission after Grace left them both. She apologizes to her sister again for not insisting they go with her to visit her friend. Hope is having a very difficult time dealing with it because she was raped and she had thought of murdering it until a kind woman suggests she give the baby to her and her husband because they had tried to have a baby, but it died. So, Hope gives the baby to them to raise as their own. She discovers how precious life really is.

To find out what happens to Grace and Alex you have to read the book for yourself to discover that answer for yourself. I received this book in exchange for my honest review I was not paid by the publisher to read this.